Wheel Alignment Service

wheel alignment

Having misaligned front or rear wheels on your vehicle causes uneven and rapid tread wear which results in the need for tire replacement. Having proper alignment on your vehicle is a major factor in your car’s performance. Apart from maximizing your tire life, proper alignment increases fuel efficiency and improves the safety of the car.

Misalignment of your vehicle’s front or rear wheels can cause rapid and uneven tread wear which is the primary reason for requiring tire replacement. The benefits of a wheel alignment have major implications for the performance of your car. Alignment can improve driver safety, stop that feeling of pulling, increase fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your tires – and that is just the beginning.

Our Computerized Alignment Service Includes:

–          Steering and Suspension component evaluated by a qualified technician

–          Detailed computer generated measurements and analysis for alignment specifications

–          Replacement of worn out or damaged suspension or steering components.

NB: If replacement of struts, shocks and other suspension parts is required, it is advisable that it be done before alignment.