Flat Tyre Repair Service

flat-tyreThough a flat tyre is an uncomfortable fact of life, it does makes us frustrated and despaired when stranded by the roadside. Repairing flat tyres are done by trained personnel.

We have the equipment and products to dismount, repair, balance and mount tyres correctly.

Flat Tyre Repair Service includes:

–          Tyre and wheel removal

–          Dismounting of tyre from the wheel

–          Puncture repair diagnosis

–          2 steps Tyre repair using state of the art repair components:

Safety Seal Repair – Seals damaged area from tread to inner liner

Liquid Patch – Creates a permanent, flexible patch around the Safety Seal Repair on the inner liner of the tyre

–          Tyre remount and re-installation on the vehicle

–          Checking and setting tyre pressure to required specification