"Car Repairs & Servicing in Adelaide"

All automotive repair and maintenance services. Auto electrical, brakes, suspension, steering, heating and cooling, tyres and tuning. Whatever the issue we would love to quote and can fix.

Scheduled Servicing

Ensuring that your car is in tip top condition requires regular basic maintenance and a tune up. Basic maintenance prevents damage that lead to major costly repairs and replacement of parts. Since a car is basically a machine, it calls for preventative maintenance. maxtrek_60x157

Repair Services

Car repairs should not be a stressful event. To take the stress out of our clients we provide them with detailed reports including why the repair is to be done, what caused the component to fail and what preventative measures can be taken to making the repair last as well as how to avoid such a failure in future. Sonar_60x173

Car Diagnosis and Evaluation Services

We offer a full range of Diagnostic and Evaluation Services. Once a symptom is identified, we check for related symptoms, what could possibly cause them and the degree of urgency that is required for the car to be serviced.westlake_60x205