New & Used Tyres

New & Used Tyresnew_tyres_Adelaide

Every vehicle needs new tyres eventually. Your car will handle better, brake better and be much safer to drive with correctly fitted, aligned and balanced tyres.

We stock a great range of tyres at great prices.

Whether you need a quieter ride, safer or faster performance or just a budget set of tyres because yours are worn we have a great range of options for you. Give me a call on (08) 8276 1979 to find out how I can make your car safer, it’s more affordable than you might think!

In addition new tyres provide the folowing benefits:

  • Safety
    New tyres will last you for around 80,000kms of safe driving. They also allow you to brake more efficiently, stop sooner, and drive straighter.For a few hundred dollars every seven years or so it’s a small price for peace of mind while motoring.
  • Increased Performance
    New tyres will provide better performance as they determine how much power can be applied to the road.  Performance tyres  are made from stickier materials with tread designs to match.
  • Better Fuel Economy
    Tyre condition hugely effects fuel economy.Worn tyres and uneven treads mean your car has to work harder to put its power to the road surface, buring more fuel and a hole in your wallet! For the best driving experience, have your tyres professionally fitted, balanced, alignedand always inflated  to the recommended pressure.
  • A Better Driving Experience
    New tyres provide a smoother, quieter and more efficient journey. The benefits of a more fuel efficient, quiter ride on a long journey can make it seem like you are driving a different car!